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Trittico jigsaw puzzles

Triptych puzzles from the Trittico series - this is an opportunity to collect not just a puzzle, but an original picture in the form of a triptych. And it will appeal to both children and adults! Italian company Clementoni, famous for such puzzles, not only took care of the quality of their details, but also prepared for fans of mosaics a lot of original triptych stories. These are triptychs-sights, triptychs-world capitals, triptychs-animals, triptychs-still lifes, and much more! 
Choose the set you like and start building it. Moreover, the process of recreating the mosaic promises to be very exciting, because you will have to collect three different images on one canvas, United by a common theme! 
Ready-made puzzle-triptych can be hung on the wall as an interior decoration or give such a set from Clementoni to dear people. 
Puzzle Clementoni 3х500 details: London
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