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Silver collection jigsaw puzzles

Silver collection of puzzles of the Russian manufacturer of puzzles Step-Puzzle is an unusual set of puzzles ,the "highlight" of which is that their details are made with embossed silver foil. When finished, these mosaics look very beautiful and unconventional, making them easy to confuse with real paintings that adorn the interior. 
The subjects for the silver collection of puzzles are deliberately chosen the most romantic and "weightless" - the dance of Dulcinea from the ballet" don Quixote", the smooth movements of Odette from"Swan lake"...
Details in the silver collection, as in other puzzles from Step-Puzzle, are very strong, pleasant to the touch, easily and simply fit together.
Give one of these wonderful sets to dear people-introduce fans of puzzles with a silver collection from Step-Puzzle-unusual and truly beautiful. 

Puzzle Step 1000 of parts: Silver Dulcinea
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