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Russian museum jigsaw puzzles

Russian Russian museums series of puzzles produced by the Russian company Step-Puzzle is an opportunity to collect reproductions of paintings by outstanding Russian artists whose works are kept in the Tretyakov gallery, the Hermitage, and some private collections. 
All you need to do is choose your favorite story from this series and start the exciting process of assembling the puzzle. And there is really a lot to choose from: here and "Ivan Tsarevich on the gray wolf", and "the Swan Princess", and "Hunters at a halt", and "unknown", and many,many other works recognized as masterpieces of world painting.
In addition to high-quality images, puzzles from Step-Puzzle are famous for absolutely non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials that will appeal to both children and adults. Choose the appropriate number of parts (1500, 2000, 3000) and start collecting this puzzle with the whole family! The main thing is that at the end of the Assembly, they can decorate the interior as a full-fledged picture.