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Космический песок

Space sand - great educational fun for boys and girls who like to sculpt out of sand or clay, the word - in every possible way to create! Talking about the remarkable sand, the properties of which will amaze and adults! He is very soft to the touch, no crumbles in his hands, easy-going "back", does not contaminate the surface, leaves no residue on clothes or furniture, non-toxic and absolutely safe from the point of view of children. 
To work with space sand in the streets and apartments. Moreover, he is colorful! In our online shop you can select the sand any color and need packaging.
The space sand will be useful for both children and adults. It will help to develop fine motor skills, coordination, intelligence, perseverance and creative skills. Adults rest with body and soul, using this unusual sand as creative and relaxing at the same time leisure option, "stress."