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WeingARTen jigsaw puzzles

Weingarten photo puzzle series by famous photographers such as Steve bloom), will allow you to take a good look at the representatives of the animal world, including wildlife, whose beauty, grace and grandeur amaze and delight!
Steve bloom, a former successful advertising photographer, once offered one of the clients his photos taken during a vacation. The effect was stunning! Since then, Steve began to actively shoot nature and rightfully received the title of one of the most talented photographers on our planet. Moreover, he has written several books about nature and is known as an artist and cameraman. 
If you want to escape from the stone jungle, but there is no opportunity yet (and the boss, as always, threatens to avralom), just collect this puzzle-a photo from Steve bloom, and you will see how vulnerable, defenseless and majestic nature is with its rich animal world, which, thanks to the talent of this wonderful photographer, appears before us literally at arm's length.  
Puzzles of this series in our online store are presented under the brand of the German company Heye.
Puzzle Heye 1000 pieces: Hog
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