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Heye Cats jigsaw puzzles

A series of puzzles with cats by British artist Jane Crowther will appeal not only to animal lovers, but also to those who prefer funny images created with special warmth and kindness. This skill of Jane Crowther herself is not enough, because she knows perfectly well how to please everyone without exception-it's enough to give a funny card to a loved one! About postcards it is not accidental: Jane Crowther comes up with stories for them - they are very similar to the puzzles from this wonderful series.
Cats of this talented artist are graceful, plastic, know their own value-Jane Crowther has her own style, which is unlikely to be confused. And at the same time, in her paintings, you can see a naive kitten that glows with an incredible smile and still looks at the world with wide eyes. 
Treat yourself to such a wonderful puzzle produced by the German company Heye. Or give it to a loved one - your original taste will be appreciated.