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Glitter Collection jigsaw puzzles

Glitter collection puzzles from Step-Puzzle (Russian production) - original puzzles for fans of collecting mosaics of all ages, and especially for real aesthetes! After all, these puzzles are noticeably different from their counterparts in that they contain glitter applied to some parts (in other words, "sparkles"), which makes the finished image more realistic and at the same time unusual. 
So, glitter can easily" help " to Shine a fragment of the lake, the sun, the sky during sunset, the decoration on the girl's headdress... There are plenty of options! The main thing is that these puzzles, when assembled, will look like full-fledged paintings that can be used to decorate the interior of an apartment, country house or office. 
Details of Glitter collection puzzles are strong, pleasant to the touch, easily and simply fit together to form a single artistic canvas. Please yourself or your loved ones with such an unusual puzzle, and your non-trivial taste will be appreciated.