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Falcon_Christmas jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles of the Christmas series by the British company Falcon are relevant not only in the run-up to the New year. They can be collected in any season, because it never hurts to cheer yourself up and bring a little fairy tale to the gray everyday life.
It is very simple to do this: just open the box with one of these wonderful colorful puzzles, and then step by step you can recreate the image of the busy Santa Claus, who carefully escapes from the house, leaving its residents cherished gifts, hard-working deer, accompanying the old, good Santa in his adventures, his faithful dog St. Bernard, snuggled in the snow and clearly wants to participate in all this Christmas fuss...
Christmas series puzzles will serve as a great gift for fans of mosaics of all ages. They can be collected by the whole family and have fun from the heart!