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Clementoni Home jigsaw puzzles

The home Collection of puzzles produced by the Italian company Clementoni will help you look at the familiar things around you in a new way. Admit it, how long have you been looking at Cutlery, noticing the smooth curves of spoons, the grace and charm of forks? Or maybe you are proud of your iron, because it frankly resembles a ship when it moves smoothly on the Ironing Board? And how can you forget about the coffee set, the Turks of which look like you are served coffee in the chambers of Sultan Suleiman himself! 
To be able to take a closer look at the familiar things that millions of people use every day without hesitation, you can assemble a puzzle from the Home Collection. At your disposal - a large number of stories, an interesting vision of home objects, rich color reproduction and, of course, the excellent quality of Italian puzzles. 
Puzzle Clementoni 500 items : typewriter
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