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Кубики Историй

Cubes of the stories (Story Cubes) - the original, a very fun Board game for children and adults, which can simultaneously play a large number of players. The goal of each is to engage in a story that players come up with literally on the move, in turn throwing the dice and using the storyline, the images on their sides. It will not be boring to anyone! Because you need, for example, to link to one story a turtle, a castle, a fish, a skydiver... And most importantly - finish her!  
All in sets of 9 cubes and, respectively, 54 image. 
Play with friends or family members in the "Dice stories" (Story Cubes), and in a good mood, fun and laughter you provided! With using games to practice in a foreign language, remembering the translation of the words for the images on the faces of the cubes. To improve language skills, develop imagination, imagination, associative and creative thinking.