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Puzzles with pictures of Russia from different manufacturers - in this section, we have gathered for you the most interesting stories for puzzles associated with the magnificence of our country and the opportunity to enjoy the world famous attractions and most importantly, to consider them in detail, without leaving the apartment.
The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Peterhof, the Church on spilled Blood, the bridges on the Neva, the pearl of the Crimea - swallow's Nest - image with these and many other recognizable, perhaps, every monuments of architecture will occupy a worthy place in your collection of puzzles. 
Choose your favorite scene, or a producer (e.g., Step, Clementoni, Castorland, etc.), desired number of parts and start assembling the puzzle. Or give it as a gift to fans of the mosaics of different ages.