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Настольная игра монополия

Want classics? No desire to study the rules with the length of 20 pages, and then to explain to their friends? Want to play a game that will captivate people of all ages, from school children to grandmothers? Then "Monopoly" - your choice!

Heard about it all. Play around the world more 80. But time does not stand still, and "Monopoly" appeared tremendous quantity. All of them keep the simplicity of the rules original and added something different. To avoid confusion, "a Good entertainment" will tell you a little bit about each. But first, we recall how to play Monopoly.

game Rules

The aim of the game is to be the last, after all others will go bankrupt. You need to buy a property, make deals with other players, and collect them with the rent. Each turn you throw dice and move to the winning number of cells. The majority of fields – street, land on which to buy. If someone has already bought the land for accommodating the chip, you pay that player rent. Well, if you bought all the streets of the same type, boldly build. there are houses and even a hotel! It will increase your income. That's all the rules!

Despite the simplicity, each batch of Monopoly can capture is not a joke. the vicissitudes of fate, the cunning of the players and the pleasant surprise can turn game with up. And most importantly give you a good excuse to chat with friends.

But what to choose?

"Monopoly" - a classic option that will suit everyone. The cells on the field bear the names of Moscow streets and railway stations, and added rule option to speed the game. Nothing more!

"Monopoly. Anniversary edition" - limited edition, released on the 80th anniversary of games. Board and tiles are stylized very first edition, published in 1935. Especially for collectors!

"Monopoly. Russia" - now on the field not just streets, but whole cities! The largest cities of Russia with photos decorate the quality of the game. A great gift for a friend from abroad!

"Monopoly with Bank cards" - especially for lovers of high-tech! Paper money a thing of the past, to pay credit cards using special terminal. Surprise your friends!

"Monopoly Empire" - faster and more competitive version of the classic game. Instead of buying streets, well-known brands, the first to build your corporate tower! 

"Monopoly. Millionaire" - the target has changed. Now you need the fastest to get a million. In new types of cards: "fortune" and "Life of a millionaire" and the new rules. Want to be a millionaire?

"Monopoly. The here and now. World edition" - travel around the world and fill your passport with stamps. Who was the first to visit the most cities wins. For curious travelers!  

Board game Monopoly with Bank cards (Updated)
Board game Monopoly with Bank cards (Updated)
The Board game Monopoly Russia (new unique version)
The Board game Monopoly Russia (new unique version)
The Board game Monopoly KHL
The Board game Monopoly KHL
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