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Magic Puzzle 3D jigsaw puzzles

Collection of Magic Puzzle 3D puzzles - bright colors, positive stories, detailed drawing of characters, but most importantly-the miracle glasses that come with each puzzle. With their help, the finished image - whether it's a Jaguar resting in the jungle, a pair of macaws gently cooing with each other, or a reef playing with all the colors of the rainbow with dolphins - will look very unusual and at the same time very plausible in 3D effect! 
Learn more about the colorful puzzles in this collection. In our online store, they are presented under the brand of the famous puzzle manufacturer-the Italian company Clementoni. This means that you will have at your disposal not only miracle glasses, but also high-quality details of these wonderful mosaics. 
Puzzle Clementoni 1000 pieces: dinosaur Valley
Puzzle Clementoni 1000 pieces: dinosaur Valley
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