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UglyDoll jigsaw puzzles

The UglyDoll puzzle series features images of funny characters that were brought to life 15 years ago by a married couple of artists David Horvath and sang-Min Kim. It all started with the very first hand-sewn doll, which was so good that its creators literally fell in love with its interesting proportions, facial expression and character.
Despite the fact that the brand itself, to put it mildly, is called "ugly" dolls, in fact, the characters are authored David Horvath and sang-Min Kim are very cute, bright and definitely original. Now artists are engaged in the production of not only UglyDoll dolls: the brand has grown to produce bags, clothing, costume jewelry, pillows, comics and much more with UglyDoll symbols. 
The German company Heye is pleased to offer you uglydoll series of puzzles - bright, positive, unlike others!