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The Mouse Mansion jigsaw puzzles

A series of puzzles-photos of dollhouses The Mouse Mansion by Karina Schaapman is dedicated to the work of the famous artist, Illustrator and just a talented craftswoman Karina Schaapman, both in Germany and abroad.
Even as a child, she was deeply impressed by a book about mice that her mother read to her. The mouse world seemed to her very cozy, comfortable, fabulous and, of course, full of adventures. As an adult, she wanted to experience the same joyful emotions again - and then she decided that she would create a mouse world of her own authorship - write a book, illustrate it, and even build a real mouse house - with many rooms, furniture, rugs, Windows, and, of course, its owners - Sam and Julia mice.
Everything that Karina Schaapman planned, she managed to implement! The German company Heye is happy to offer you puzzles-photos of its famous mouse apartments.