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Art From Africa jigsaw puzzles

A series of puzzles Art From Africa from the company of African artists Tinga Tinga - a colorful African stories drawn in a special style of "tingatinga", which was born in 1968. It got its name from the name of its founder - Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga, who was very unusual, from an artistic point of view, for those times, glorified the beauty and originality of the African continent - animals, climate, nature, landscape features. His work was dominated by clear lines, there was no perspective.
The style of "tingatinga" is popular even now - you have the opportunity to enjoy images in this style on puzzles produced by the German company Heye. You will meet zebras, antelopes, tigers, giraffes, elephants! Puzzles in this series are bright and positive, and both adults and children will love to collect them!