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Clementoni Home

jigsaw Collection Home Collection production of the Italian company Clementoni will help you look at familiar things around you new. Admit it, have you considered Cutlery, noticing the smooth curves of spoons, the grace and charm of forks? Maybe you are proud of your iron, due to the fact that he openly recalls the ship moves slowly through the Ironing Board? And how can we forget about the coffee set, the Turks of whom look as if you served coffee in the room of Sultan Suleiman! 
To be able to closely examine the things which millions of the people did not hesitate to use the daily, you can assemble the puzzle from the collection Home Collection. At your disposal - a large number of subjects, interesting vision household items, rich color reproduction and excellent quality Italian jigsaw puzzles. 
Puzzle Clementoni 500 items : typewriter
Puzzle Clementoni 500 items : typewriter