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Новинки пазлов Trefl 2019 (май)

Новинки польских пазлов Trefl 2019 (май)

Trefl puzzle 500 pieces: Romantic Paris Romantic Paris

Trefl puzzle 60 pieces: Made for the game Toy Story

Puzzle Trefl 30 details: get Ready to play Toy Story

Puzzle Trefl 35х48х54х70 details: Team toys TOY STORY TOY TEAM

Puzzle Trefl 35х48х54х70 details: Underwater fun. Dori Finding Dory

Puzzle Trefl 35х48х54х70 details: Princess with friends Disney princesses With friends

Puzzle Trefl 1000 pieces: Colors of London Colors of London

Puzzle Trefl 1000 pieces: Colors of Paris Colors of Paris

Puzzle Trefl 1000 pieces: Colors of new York Colors of New York

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