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Viktor Shvaiko jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles of paintings by Russian and American artist Viktor Shvaiko (Viktor Shvaiko) - this is a great chance to feel the beauty and originality of European places, to which he willingly devotes his work. Central among them is Italy - a country that Viktor Shvayko is infinitely in love with, and not as a tourist moving from one attraction to another, but as a native who knows every nook and cranny of his native Italian town, like no one else who feels confident in the narrow Italian streets or, forgetting about the time, resting in the local trattoria in the afternoon.
This artist's passion for Italy is not accidental. He was lucky enough to live in this country for a while, and then his final move to the United States took place, where, although not immediately, he still had the happy opportunity to present his work in one of the art galleries. They were sold out immediately, and Shvayko himself received many orders in advance. 
In our online store, puzzles of paintings by Russian and American artist Viktor Shvaiko are presented under the brand of the Turkish company Heidi (Art Puzzle).