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Василий Тропинин jigsaw puzzles

Vasily AndreyevichTropinin (March 19 [30], 1776, karpovo village, Novgorod province — may 3 [15], 1857, Moscow) was a Russian painter, master of romantic and realistic portraits.

After his training in the confectionery business, count Morkov's cousin persuaded him to send a young man who had a natural talent and a penchant for drawing as a free listener to the St. Petersburg school of art.The Academy of fine arts. Here he studied under S. S. Shchukin.

It is interesting that, being a serf, in 1823, at the age of 47, the artist finally gets his freedom. After a while, his relatives also become free. In September 1823, he presented to the Council of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts the paintings "lace-maker", "Poor old man" and "Portrait of the artist E. O. Skotnikov" and received the title of appointed artist. In 1824, for" Portrait of K. A. Leberecht " he was awarded the title of academician.

In total, Tropinin created more than 3000 portraits. Works of the famous artist as reproductions can be found in the section puzzles tropinina. 

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