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Василий Перов jigsaw puzzles

Vasily Grigoryevich Perov (December 21, 1833 (January 2, 1834) — may 29 (June 10), 1882) was a Russian painter, one of the founding members Of the Association of traveling art exhibitions.

The boy's interest in painting began when he watched the work of an artist invited by his father. In 1843-1846, Vasily studied at the Arzamas district school. In 1852 Vasily Perov came to Moscow and the following year entered the University of Moscow.Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture.

In 1856, Perov was awarded a small silver medal for the Portrait of Nikolai Grigoryevich Kridener, the artist's brother, presented to the Imperial Academy of arts. In 1863-1864, V. G. Perov lived and worked in Paris. This period includes his paintings depicting European scenes of street life ("the Seller of figurines", "Savoyard", "organ Grinder", "Beggars on the Boulevard", "Musicians and onlookers", "rag Men").

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