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Оля Гребенник jigsaw puzzles

Olya Grebennik is an artist and Illustrator living in Kharkiv.
He has a higher architectural education.

Member of the trade Union  artists of the Russian Federation

Participant of international and all-Russian art exhibitions

His works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, France, England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Kuwait, China, South Korea, Canada and the USA.

She illustrated books for such publishers as BHV-Petersburg, Kacheli (Petersburg), Nastya and Nikita (Moscow), Meshcheryakova publishing House (Moscow), Abrikobux (Moscow), Dragonfly (Moscow), and collaborated with the magazine Mamin-Papin.

In 2018, the collection "Cozy winter tales" published her first fairy tale " Winter angel"