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Lisa Jane jigsaw puzzles

Lisa Jane is an American photographer who specializes in shooting children and has owned her own Studio for 25 years. 

Lisa was first introduced to the art of photography at the age of 10, when her grandfather gave her a camera as a gift. And since then, she has not parted with the camera, capturing on film memorable family events, friends, the world around her. Subsequently, Lisa graduated from Houston State University majored in photography and even taught the subject. 

Children are the main characters of Lisa's photos. Her photos are like a hymn to childhood, where there is a fairy tale, and adventure, and kindness, and childlike interaction with nature, and loyal friends-helpers - the elves and fairies, whose existence we adults either forgot, or pretend that they never existed, because miracles won't happen...

Lisa Jane puzzles are airy and light sketches from childhood. 

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