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James Coleman jigsaw puzzles

James Coleman is an American artist. The images created by this talented artist continue to delight everyone who sees them. James Coleman was born in Hollywood, California in 1949. In his youth, his creativity seemed to dominate his world. Although he lacked the athletic skills of his young friends, he more than made up for it with imagination and ingenuity. As a young man, his interest in film production and the visual arts would mark the beginning of a long, successful career in animated film.

The Disney Years

Coleman began his career at Walt Disney studios in the summer of 1969, when his mother, who worked as a Secretary at Disney studios, got him a job in the Studio's mailroom. His big break came when he exhibited one of his paintings in the Studio's art exhibition. Some of the Disney artists reviewing his work saw his potential. They realized that he had an untapped ability and encouraged him to switch to animated background painting.

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