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Иван Крамской jigsaw puzzles

Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy (may 27 [June 8] 1837, Ostrogozhsk — March 24 [April 5] 1887, Saint Petersburg) was a Russian painter and draughtsman, master of genre, historical and portrait painting; art critic.

In 1856, I. N. Kramskoy came to St. Petersburg, where he was engaged in retouching in the famous photographic Studio of Alexandrovsky at that time. In 1857, he entered the Saint Petersburg Academy of arts as a student of Professor Markov. Later, he was awarded a small gold medal for the painting "Moses exudes water from the rock".

In 1865, Markov invited him to help paint the dome of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. Due to Markov's illness, Kramskoy made the entire main painting of the dome together with the artists Venig and Koshelev.

In 1863-1868, the artist taught at the Drawing school Of the society for the encouragement of artists. In 1869, Kramskoy received the title of academician.

The paintings of this outstanding artist is embodied in the mosaics of the category jigsaw puzzles of archaeology. 

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