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Jan van Huysum jigsaw puzzles

Jan van Huysum (15 April 1682, Amsterdam — 8 February 1749, Amsterdam) was a Dutch painter .

Very quickly he became a leading Dutch artist, a master of still life. His patrons included Prince William of Hesse, the Duke of Orleans, the kings of Poland and Prussia, the elector of Saxony, and sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford. 

It is interesting that Jan hid the methods of his work from other artists. The only student, and not for long, was Margaret Hauverman (1720-1795). Unlike other masters of still life, Jan made preliminary drawings, very carefully wrote out paintings, sometimes for many years, in the summer he went to Haarlem, the center of gardening in the Netherlands at that time, to observe the flowers.

Puzzles Jan van Heysum is one of the sections on our website that features reproductions of this talented and extraordinary artist. 

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