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Гончарова Н.С. jigsaw puzzles

Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova (June 21 [July 3] 1881, Ladyzhino village (according to other sources, Nagaevo village), Tula province — October 17, 1962, Paris) - Russian avant-garde artist, graphic artist, set designer. The representative of lucismo

Natalia Goncharova is a famous Russian avant-garde artist. Russian Russian art is difficult to overestimate, her paintings are considered real masterpieces, a great heritage of Russian culture. Natalia Goncharova's works are in the most famous museums, in particular, in the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg. Exhibitions of her works are regularly held both in our country and far beyond its borders. The artist drew inspiration from the Russian icon, folk popular prints, pagan idols, stone "women".