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Gabila Rissone Musumeci jigsaw puzzles

Habila the Risson of Musumeci was born in Brazil, Porto Alegre. She followed a family tradition: her father was the artist Paul Risson, and her mother was Rosina Wachtmeister. Gabila moved to Rome as a child, where in her parents ' workshop and a craft workshop near the Pantheon, she learned to carve wood, draw and paint.

At the same time, she studied piano at Santa Cecilia, and also attended art school at the Conservatory for a while. In addition to creating numerous works - paintings, posters, design items, fabric decorations, collages-with her natural talent as an Illustrator, Gabila often collaborated with other artists to translate their images into poetic and fantastic inventions.

In recent years, she has illustrated calendars for the German publisher Heye and is currently designing carpets for the German WMK.

Habila the Risson Musumeci lives in Capena with his family.