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Bob Langrish jigsaw puzzles

Bob Langrish (Bob Langrish), a famous English equestrian photographer, whose Studio specializiruetsya for this kind of shooting over 38 years. I wonder what Bob has no special education. However, this does not prevent him to remain a leader among world-famous horse photographers.

Over several decades of work with the horse theme. Bob Langrish has created over 400 thousand photos of horses. Images of his authorship of illustrated more than 100 books. As a photographer he was accredited for 7 Olympic games. Bob continues cooperation with the leading horse magazines from 20 countries.

Puzzles Bob Langrish is a beautiful pictures of horses. If you are at equestrian theme or you are looking for a gift of a puzzle on this theme, then reproduction of Bob Langrish as mosaics will be very useful. 


Anatolian jigsaw puzzle 1000 pieces: Horse
Anatolian jigsaw puzzle 1000 pieces: Horse
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