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Reint Withaar jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles of paintings by Dutch artist Reint Withaar are an opportunity to see firsthand that Holland is an incredibly beautiful country. What only are the fog-covered," wild " rural shores, deserted crossings, blooming gardens, fairy-tale lakes, ancient churches, cute village houses hidden behind a thick fence, which the artist skillfully depicts in his paintings. 
Reint Withaar was born in 1928 and took his first painting lessons from his father. However, the outbreak of the war made significant adjustments to the plans of the novice artist, who was able to work actively only after it ended. Reint Withaar worked hard as an Illustrator and decorator, but eventually decided to establish his own Studio-gallery, which, in particular, helped him to write a large number of landscapes that celebrate the beauty of his beloved country. 
In our online store, puzzles of paintings by Dutch artist Reint Withaar are presented under the brand of the Turkish company Heidi (Art Puzzle).
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