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Виктор Васнецов jigsaw puzzles

Viktor Vasnetsov (3 [15] may 1848, the village Lopyal, Vyatka province — July 23, 1926, Moscow) — Russian painter and architect, master of historical and folk painting.

Studied at the Vyatka religious school (1858-1862), and then to Vyatka theological Seminary. With the blessing of the father left the Seminary with the penultimate course, and left for Petersburg to enter the Academy of arts. Studied painting in St. Petersburg — at first I. N. Archaeology at the Drawing school society for the encouragement of artists (1867-1868), and then at the Academy of fine arts (1868-1873).

Participated in the creation of the company's artistic revival of Russia, along with many other artists of his time.

Outstanding work by Viktor Vasnetsov can be seen in many reproductions, including in the form of mosaics in the category puzzles Vasnetsov.