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Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich (Roerich) (27 Sep (9 Oct) 1874, St. Petersburg — 13 December 1947, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, India) — Russian artist, designer, philosopher and mystic, writer, traveler, archaeologist and public figure. Academician of the Imperial (Russian) Academy of fine arts (1909).

In the course of life has created about 7000 paintings, many of which are in famous galleries in the world, and about 30 volumes of literary works including two poetic. The author of idea and initiator of the Roerich Pact, the founder of international cultural movement "Peace through culture" and "Banner of Peace". Knight of several Russian and foreign awards.

In the Russian period of life and work of doing archaeology, collecting, as the artist has successfully exhibited and participated in the design and painting of churches, worked as the Director of the school of the Imperial society for the encouragement of arts, headed by artistic Association "World of art", has successfully worked as a set designer ("Russian seasons") actively participated in projects for the protection and revival of Russian antiquity, in the activities of charity organizations.

From 1917 he lived in exile. Organized and participated in the Central Asian and Manchurian expeditions, traveled a lot. He founded the Institute of Himalayan studies "Urusvati" and more than a dozen cultural and educational institutions and societies in various countries. Led an active social activities, was associated with political and economic projects, had connections with the Bolsheviks and Freemasonry.

He was a member of many organizations. He was married to Helena Roerich. Had two sons, Yuri and Svyatoslav.

From 1920-ies in different countries of the world there are societies and museums Roerich. Community of followers of his ideas and religious-philosophical teachings of the Living ethics (Agni yoga) form of the Roerich movement. Ideas of Roerich had a significant impact on the formation and development of the new age in Russia