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Pieter Paul Rubens jigsaw puzzles

Peter Paul Rubens (niderl. Pieter Paul Rubens, IPA:; 28 June 1577, Siegen — 30 may 1640, Antwerp) — the largest South Netherlandish (Flemish) painter, embodied in his works, the mobility of unrestrained vitality and sensuality of the European painting of the Baroque era.

The work of Rubens — an organic fusion of the Bruegel tradition of realism with the achievements of Venetian school. Although the whole of Europe resounded his fame large-scale works on mythological and religious themes, Rubens was a Flemish master portrait and landscape.

Composite solutions of Rubens are extremely diverse (diagonal, ellipse, spiral), the richness of its colors and gestures never ceases to amaze. Quite match the vitality and heavy the female form, the so-called "Rubenesque".

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