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Orlińscy A.A. jigsaw puzzles

Anna and Andrzej Orlinski (Anna i Andrzej Orlińscy) - the couple Polish artists that make up the original creative tandem. Mostly, they spetsializiruyutsya on the image seascapes, scenes of sea battles, the violence of the sea. Though there is in their collection and city sketches, as well as forestry and rural nature of Poland. 

The couple met at the Academy of fine arts in Warsaw in 1975 and from that time not only became inseparable, but also began to work together on the paintings. Interestingly, the strength of Anna is the image of the sky, water and storm, while from the pen of Andrzej "swim" all kinds of ships, are born of the exciting scenes of naval battles in and out of picturesque sketches of the port of life.