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Михаил Врубель jigsaw puzzles

Mikhail Vrubel (5 [17] March, 1856, Omsk, oblast of the Siberian Kyrgyz, Russian Empire — 1 [14] April, 1910, St. Petersburg), Russian artist of the turn of XIX—XX centuries, who worked in virtually all types and genres of fine arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative and performing arts.

In the autumn of 1880, Vrubel became a volunteer at the Academy and apparently immediately became privately engaged in the workshop of Pavel Chistyakov, regular sessions with him, however, documented since 1882. The artist himself claimed that Chistyakov spent four years in training. 

One of the main Vrubel at the Academy were acquainted with Valentin Serov. Despite the ten year age difference, they shared a lot, including at the deepest level.

Reproductions of paintings by Mikhail Vrubel can be purchased in the form of mosaics, which is in the section puzzles Vrubel.