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Коровин К.А. jigsaw puzzles

Korovin, Konstantin 1861-1939 A. he is a Russian artist painter (one of the first Russian Impressionists), theater artist, teacher and writer. Brother of the painter Sergey Korovin.

Was the grandson of old believer and merchant of the first Guild of Mikhail Emelyanovich Korovin, whose house was often a well-known itinerant Illarion Pryanishnikov. Father Constantine received a good University education, but failed to maintain the state of the family and went bankrupt. Family of Korovin was forced to move to the village Mytischi (at Moscow).

His artistic abilities and good education brothers Korovina (Konstantin and Sergei) largely due to his mother, a noblewoman by birth Apollinaria Ivanovna (nee Volkova). The ruin of her husband, moving to the country, lives in poverty - this has not stopped the desire of educated women to educate their sons.

Despite the almost complete poverty, Konstantin strive for the elder brother and entered the Moscow school of painting, engrossed in the environment of famous Russian artists.

After visiting France Konstantin Korovin began a new phase in his work, he is fascinated by the works of the Impressionists, their techniques of colour reproduction of sensations of tones. During his travels in the Russian North Konstantin fascinated by its beauty and a lot of work - Northern nature, color, air, quick change of weather fully in tune with the vision of impressionism Korovin. Each and the sketch is an experience. His works of this period are seen personally by Pavel Tretyakov. He takes the painting "Winter in Lapland".

For many years Konstantin Korovin takes an active part in Russian literary life involved in various clubs, exhibitions and associations. He teaches at the Moscow school of painting. In world war I Korovin worked as a consultant for the army on matters of disguise.

The October revolution of 1917 has not affected the artist, he remained in Russia (as Korovin was from the village and comes from a poor family). He was involved in the preservation and recording of monuments of art, organized auctions and exhibitions. But in 1922, still went abroad, moved to France and settled in Paris. Where he lived the rest of his life.