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John Patrick OBrien jigsaw puzzles

Years of life 2 Jun 1951 - 24 Oct 2004
The work of John O''brien transmits a series of mysteries and romances that are rare in contemporary art. With exquisite craftsmanship, poetic ideals, and a modern understanding, he created a unique style which became known as "contemporary romantic realism". His passion for France, Italy and Ireland can be seen in the romantic settings of elegant interiors, European street scenes and cafes of the surrounding area and pubs.

John studied at the prestigious art students League in new York where he subsequently maintained a Studio in Greenwich village and in San Francisco and Paris. His academic achievements, combined with his admiration for the American Impressionists, can be seen in each painting. His works are in many private collections in USA and abroad. He was commissioned to paint murals, portraits of people of all ages and illustrations in addition to his very successful series of romantic interiors and exteriors, European style.

John died at his home in Petaluma, California, in October 2004 at the age of 53 years. He was a devoted and loving father, the world-renowned artist and supporter of all things Irish. He maintained a remarkable and enduring love of life, with a view to beauty that he might Express in a variety of works of art. He will always be remembered for his warm smile and gentle ways each life that he touched.

In his memory, John's wife, Martha, founded the Center for the arts'Brian (www.obriencota.com) in Petaluma, California, to not only showcase their work but also to offer a place for artists of all disciplines. John was particularly fond of ballet, as is often seen in many of his paintings. The center offers a wide range of classes in ballet and other dances, in addition to providing art galleries, where the works of John and related works of art and they can be purchased.