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Иванов А.А. jigsaw puzzles

Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov (1806-1858) — Russian painter, academician, the Creator of works on biblical and ancient mythological stories, representative of academism, the author of the canvas "the appearance of Christ to the people."

Alexander Ivanov was born in a family of artists, Professor of painting Andrei Ivanovich Ivanov (1775-1848), which in the same year was approved as associate Professor of historical class of the Imperial Academy of arts. At eleven years old he entered a "foreign" student in the Imperial Academy of arts. He studied at the Academy with the support of the Society for the encouragement of artists, and studied under the guidance of his father. Received for excellence in drawing two silver medals were awarded in 1824 by a small gold medal for writing the program picture "Priam begging Achilles has Hector's body". In 1827 he received a gold medal and the title of the artist XIV class for his film "Joseph interpreting dreams concluded with him in prison the Butler and the Baker".

Ivanov, patron of the society decided to send it to your account abroad for further improvement, but first demanded that he wrote another painting on the theme of "Bellerophon sent to the campaign against the Chimera". Complying with this requirement, Ivanov in 1830 went to Europe, and after Germany, with a stop for some time in Dresden, arrived in Rome.

In Italy, Ivanov's first works was to copy the "Creation of man" by Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel and in the writing of sketches on various biblical subjects. Diligently studying the Scriptures, especially the New Testament, Ivanov increasingly fond of the idea to paint on a large canvas the first appearance of the Messiah to the people, but before embarking on this difficult task, I wanted to try their hand on smaller-scale work. To this end, he in the years 1834-1835 wrote "the appearance of the resurrected Christ to Mary Magdalene".

The picture was a great success both in Rome and in St. Petersburg, where in 1836 the artist was awarded for her the title of academician.

Encouraged by the success, Ivanov took up "the appearance of Christ to the people". Work was delayed for twenty years (1836-1857), and only in 1858, Ivanov decided to send a picture in St.-Petersburg and to be there with her. Exhibition of the paintings and all the related sketches and studies were organized in one of the halls of the Academy of Arts and made a strong impression on the public.

Ivanov died from cholera. He was buried in St. Petersburg at the Novodevichy cemetery. In 1936 reburied with the transfer of the monument at the Tikhvin cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra